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How It Started...

In 2008, I began to learn about the Food Truck Industry right when there was an influx in demand for Mobile Food Trucks due to the recession. Many restaurant businesses were shutting down and migrating into food trucks due to low startup costs as well as low overhead. My parents started building walk-in coolers and commercial kitchens since the late 90's. After the recession, they were seeing the shift as they began to build out more mobile kitchens rather than commercial restaurant kitchens 

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How It Went...

In 2018 I decided to step out on faith, finish my Bachelors in Economics--GO BULLS,  and no longer work for lawyers. Instead, I launched my consulting Firm in February of 2019 and later on that year, launch my food truck business. Between running my consulting firm, helping my clients with licensing and permits, and running an entire food truck, my time was very limited. Little did I know a pandemic would happen in March of 2020. I decided to take my invesment of my food truck and turn it into a passive income opportunity.

How It's Going...

Years later after the pandemic, I decided to launch my YouTube Channel, build food trucks--which only lasted a year, and launch a food truck park called, The Food Truck Culture. I wanted fully focus on growing the food park by creating an affordable space for food truck owners and at the same time, a convenient space as well due to a demand of finding locations for the food truck owners.  Building food trucks only lasted a year because of many business decisions I had to make shortly after launching the food park. As for Dreams Gone Mobile, my goal is to continue growing my clientele base through my platforms by educating them and through my services where I can work with as many restaurant and food truck owners as possible so that I can help them avoid costly mistakes.


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