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Custom Food Truck Build in Tampa, FL

Custom Food Truck Builder

Whether you have a truck or a trailer that you want to convert into a Food Truck, we can help you build that dream kitchen on wheels right here in Tampa. 


Commissary Search

Need to find a place to park? We can help you get established at a location where you can also have your inspection done at as well. Learn more to get started.



Whether you are stuck at the beginning or need guidance during your process, we are here to help. Book a call and lets see how we can help you get through your journey

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We want all our clients to feel that they can still achieve their goals. If you are looking to get started right away and want to get a quick approval for funding, click below to apply

Client Testimonials

"I don’t even know where to start. From the getgo, Mizrah was clear and precise with the action plan she put together for me. From A-Z on covering the big picture to the tiniest of details, we estimated that we’d have the food trailer up and ready to go by March 2023 (the initial contact was in June 2022). ITS BARELY FEBRUARY. Since the beginning of the process, she hasn’t once left me confused nor unaware of any steps along the way. Sometimes businesses do the bare minimum and call it a day, Mizrah is not one of them. Mizrah and her business exceeded all my expectations and I can’t ever say enough about the great job she did for me. Do yourself a favor and work with her!"

-Prenn Nguyen, Nguyen Street

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